Member Centres

Our Centres are what make us different. We believe in creating a community for our Members – an empowering community that allows them to fulfil their potential. We do this through our Member Centres.

Our Members belong to one club – Only Connect – but can use the facilities of both Centres.

OC Central is our first and original Member Centre. Based in King’s Cross, it is the heart of Only Connect, a a vibrant, creative and energetic membership club and therapeutic environment for ex-offenders and youth aged 16+. OC Central helps members unlock their skills by offering life skills, education and employment training and self development opportunities.

OC CENTRALYou’re welcome along to one of our Wednesday night dinners – where every week members, supporters and staff come to Cubitt Street to cook and enjoy dinner together. The last Wednesday of every month is Big Wednesday, when members showcase the music, film and other arts they have been working on. You can see a film made about Big Wednesdays here.

OC Central includes a theatre space, recording studio, hot desking facilities, kitchen and sports equipment. Cubitt Street is available for rehearsals, auditions, recitals, film shoots and private parties. For bookings, prices or more information email: or telephone: 0845 370 7990.You can learn more about hiring OC Central here.

OC West

OC West is our Member club for west Londoners aged 16+, based on the White City estate in west London. Our Members are on the journey from being unemployed and at risk of offending to holding down a fulfilling, legitimate career and making a positive impact in their communities. You can see a film we’ve made about OC West here.

OC WESTOC West’s mission is to support Members into employment, including self-employment through the development of enterprise skills. We help them develop their passions, especially in OC West’s music studio. And our members make a contribution to wider society through volunteering opportunities in the community. OC West sees itself as a partner of other local organisations supporting young people and their families, with a dedicated Partnership Manager whose job is to ensure that OC West works well with others and that our members have the support they need.

Only Connect is open to new types of collaboration and multi-disciplinary ways of working. We’d love to hear from you!