Our Corporate Partners

Our life-changing work would not be possible without the incredible support our corporate partners provide. We develop partnerships with companies across a wide range of industries, delivering clear business benefits for them and vital funds for our work preventing crime.

We are constantly exploring how we can support our members more effectively and need investment to develop new projects, maintain excellent services and support our overheads. If you’d like to have a chat about how we could work together, please contact Tim Colman on tim.colman@onlyconnectuk.org.


Many volunteers come and cook with us at Cubitt Street, to learn more about our Members and their lives


Only Connect Members and Triple Point about to embark on a treasure hunt around London

In the last year our partners have provided us with: specialist communications expertise, specialist strategic and legal advice, direct funding, donations of equipment and furniture, sponsorship for events and participate in our fundraising challenges.

They did so because they wanted to:

  • Develop their Corporate Social Responsibility agenda
  • Make a difference to their local community by supporting work with young people local to their offices
  • Support a specific project to grow and develop.

Our aim for a corporate partnership is for it to be mutually beneficial and we believe we are able to provide your company with a direct value proposition:

Raise your profile

• PR opportunities
• social media
• event sponsorship

Staff engagement

• fundraising
• team building
• volunteering
• challenge events
• pro bono donations


Equifax representatives giving money advice workshops to our Members