OC Inspire presentation skills self-evaluation – 2013/14

This report is from a survey of OC Inspire participants during the course of delivery in prisons in 2013/14.


  • The survey covers participant attitudes, improvements in skills and self-perceptions resulting in a rounded view of the project’s achievement – in addition to the attainment of accredited qualifications.
  • The surveys were issued to Inspire participants in 2013/2014, with respondents describing considerable or slight improvements in their skills (62%), increased confidence in expressing themselves clearly (38%) and an ability to talk in front of a group (38%).


  • The survey illustrated the efficacy and reach of OC Inspire, with the majority of respondents expressing significant improvements in their skill set after participation.
  • 19% of respondents, however, reported a decline in their skill set. That is, they demonstrated less optimism about their skills after the project than before.  This could be attributable to self-assessment issues, but we cannot be sure.

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