OC Impact ‘Entourage’ Evaluation – August 2014

You can read the full report here: OC Impact Entourage tour LSE Evaluation 14


  • This report is a quantitative evaluation of OC Impact Entourage Tour (2014) using quasi-experimental methods.
  • We collected before and after questionnaire survey results to assess attitudinal change in participants and subsequently worked with a Master’s student from the London School of Economics to produce a statistical analysis.
  • The results of the paired t-tests show a positive trend pre and post. According to the table, half of the respondents (58%) show small improvements in terms of overall changes of attitudes and a further 10% of students improved their attitudes considerably (32% showed no improvement or were slightly worse than before).


  • The strengths: analysis of large quantities of data, and the introduction of additional (observable) variables into the analysis. This is in addition to the complex statistical analysis presented clearly in the evaluation report.
  • The weaknesses: there is no matched comparison group, which would increase the validity of our findings.  There is also no long term follow-up, which would enable us to ascertain the breadth and depth of our impact.

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